The Services You Need For Your Business

  • Take Charge Program
    Businesses are TAKING CHARGE of their processing fees across America!
  • Credit Card Processing
    We dedicate ourselves to offering transparent, seamless, and efficient processing solutions. Partner with one of the most trusted credit card providers in America. 

  • Online Payments
    Looking to process online with a virtual terminal, e-commerce, or custom integrated solutions? We offer top-notch support and training along with specialized pricing to save you money and hassle. 

  • Gift & Loyalty Programs
    Build awareness of your business, encourage return visits, and decrease losses with branded gift & loyalty cards.

  • Capital Funding
    Get the funding you need without the process and fees of a bank loan.

  • High-risk Processing
    We know what it takes to get your high-risk business approved. Benefit from faster funding times and fewer restrictions than most processors can offer.

Take Charge of Your Processing Fees

High-rate rewards cards are costing you a fortune.
It’s time you Start Taking Charge of your processing fees, and reward your cash-paying customers.