Everything you need to begin taking secure, seamless, and smarter payments.

Counter Top Terminals

  • A80
    Get down to business with this workhorse terminal. Don’t let the looks fool you, this terminal is based on an android operating system and is capable of running complex point-of-sale software all on its own.

  • E500
    This all in one kiosk terminal has a small square footprint and a large screen that can fit in anywhere and allow you start taking payments.

  • E600
    A hybrid terminal, the E600 is capable as a counter-top or mobile unit and comes equipped with a docking station for peripherals.

  • E700
    A large 12-inch screen with a small footprint the E700 is a flagship terminal for your business operations.

  • E800
    A 16-inch screen, built-in wi-fi hotspot, 8-inch customer-facing screen and more make this terminal a true indicator that the old ways of processing payments are behind us.

Mobile Terminals

  • A60
    Ideal for tableside payments and service, this mobile android mobile unit is made for speed and efficiency.

  • A920
    The flagship mobile terminal for processing payments. Built-in printer, 4G LTE capability, a large HD touch screen, and a built-in barcode reader makes this machine stand out.

  • E600 (Mobile)
    The E600 is a capable mobile terminal as well, with a large HD touch screen, back strap, and built-in customer-facing display.

  • Mobile App + Reader
    Utilize our proprietary Take Charge Software to do your business on the go all from your mobile phone.

Take Charge of Your Processing Fees

High-rate rewards cards are costing you a fortune.
It’s time you Start Taking Charge of your processing fees, and reward your cash-paying customers.